Trinity was started and continues to be a private company. The foundation of the company began in July 2000 with the acquisition of 200 miles of pipeline in a partnership with GE  Energy Financial Services. We increased our customer base, installed new pipelines to Oxy’s North Hobbs Unit, and managed BP America’s Sheep Mountain Unit and 400 mile pipeline. Later, we began adding a CO2 supply portfolio with the goal to move to a fully integrated CO2/EOR business.

In August 2010, Morgan Stanley Private Equity (“MSPE”) acquired Trinity CO2 from GE Energy Financial Services and local investors. The company continued to grow the CO2 supply business through purchasing interests in CO2 source fields.

In June 2012, Trinity acquired SandRidge Tertiary LLC from SandRidge Energy Inc. (NYSE:SD). The combination of SandRidge Tertiary’s EOR assets with Trinity’s CO2 supply and pipelines has enabled the company to supply, transport and inject CO2 into its own oil fields. Our primary goal was achieved!

We are continuing investment into our EOR floods and our production continues to increase at a rapid rate due to our dedicated team.